BTS Left A Staff Dinner Early Because Of V’s Hilarious Priorities

Only V would leave a dinner party for this reason.

If anybody has his priorities straight, it’s BTS‘s V. He knows exactly what he wants, and he’s not shy about going for it!

BTS and their staff went out for dinner at Born & Bred, an expensive restaurant in Majang-dong that’s frequented by top celebrities and business executives. The Born & Bred’s private third floor is only opened for top VIPs so, naturally, that’s where BTS dined!

The restaurant’s owner uploaded this group photo to his Instagram, captioning it with these funny hashtags: “#protectportraitrights #protectme #haha #anyway #3rdflooropen #bornandbred”. The members’ faces were hidden, but fans easily identified them!

BTS and their staff members arrived at the restaurant at around 5:00-6:00 PM and left early because V had other plans…

He had to go catch a boss monster in Maple Story!

Apparently, they went to a beef restaurant in Majang-dong yesterday… (sniffle) All members + 9 staff members came at around 5-6 and left early, and the reason is apparently because Taehyung had to go and catch a Maple Story Boss Monster… I heard ‘c’ was there, too.

— V

V is just like one of us… a gamer at heart!