K-Netizen Names BTS’s Two Most Legendary Performances — And It’s Impossible To Choose A Favorite

Let’s be real: Everyone rewatched these tons of times.

A K-Netizen’s recent post on an online Korean community named two legendary performances of BTS. If everyone were to vote for their favorite, the results would likely be even on both sides — since it’s so difficult to choose a favorite! Take a look at these two epic stages and decide for yourself which one resonated with you the most.

1. Idol — 2018 MMA

BTS showed fans worldwide the pride they have for their Korean culture by incorporating traditional elements into their performances.

J-Hope showed off his incredible dancing prowess and popping in a traditional Korean drum dance, Samgo-mu.

Jimin performed a traditional fan dance known as Buchaechum, putting a unique spin on a dance usually performed by female dancers.


Jungkook‘s traditional Korean mask dance increased public interest in mask dancing worldwide.


All together, BTS performed “Idol” and left both fans and non-fans stunned with their authentic and skillful performance.

2. Mic Drop — 2017 MAMA

BTS’s “Mic Drop” performance was an unforgettable experience for audience’s worldwide.


Having won their first daesung the previous year and sky-rocketing to fame throughout the course of 2017, BTS were back and ready to show the type of performers they are.


Starting with a condensed rapline performance of “Cypher 4,” they performed the full length edition of “Mic Drop” (Steve Aoki Remix) for the first time and captivated fans with the dance break.


The full-length version wouldn’t be released until the following year, which only encouraged fans to keep rewatching the incredible stage.

Source: TheQoo