This Unofficial BTS Lightstick Will Make You Say “Shut-Up And Take My Money”

It’s arguably even better than the V3.

Ever since news of BTS‘s world tour broke, ARMYs have been preparing to see their favourite boys by buying everything they need for the show, including one must-have merch item: the ARMY Bomb.


First step: getting tickets, aka surviving the Hunger Games. Fans put their “Blood Sweat & Tears” into this extremely strenuous part of the process that involved battling ticket scalpers, fellow fans, and a whole host of tech issues.

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Once tickets, accommodations, transportation, and other practicalities were taken care of, fans thought about what they would need for the show itself.


The first thing that came to mind for many (besides self-control!) was a lightstick. Specifically, the brand new Version 3 of BTS’s classic ARMY bomb.

(WARNING: Avoid calling the “bomb” by its name during the concert! Security doesn’t like that.)


The version 3 lightstick aesthetic is 100% “Bangtan Style”…


…and it teased with a killer concept photo…


…but the Version 3 pales in comparison to these unofficial Version 4 lightsticks!


ARMYs created this series of gorgeous mock-ups using the BTS’s new concept photos for their upcoming album Love Yourself: Answer. In each concept photo, a BTS member sits inside a globe filled with beautiful flowers, looking too angelic for this world.


The glass globes and BTS’s official lightsticks fit together so perfectly that fans just couldn’t resist combining them!


If these lightsticks went on sale tomorrow…


…they would sell out instantly!


After all, who wouldn’t want their own pocket-sized BTS bias?