BTS’s Maknae Line Might Be Jin-Hyung’s Worst Nightmare When It Comes To Photo Ops

“I want a picture,” he said. “Take one of me,” he said.

BTS‘s maknae line, consisting of the younger members Jimin, V, and Jungkook, most definitely loves the oldest Jinhyung. They love him so, so much that they won’t ever leave him alone — including, but not limited to, when he is trying to snap some decent photographs.


In a recent tweet, Jin shared a series of pictures of himself posing near the supersized ARMY BOMBs at the “House of BTS” pop-up store. While Jin looks as worldwide handsome as ever…


… ARMYs can’t help but spot the maknaes photobombing big time. Here’s V, casually dropping in:


And here’s Jungkook, being the cheeky Jungkook ARMYs know and love:


And here’s Jimin rocking that photo-bomber life to the max:


In the end, all of Jin’s pictures featured full cameos from the boys. Jin captioned these, “Let me take some pictures, my friends”…


… but he probably meant, “CHILDREN, PLEASE!”