BTS’s “Maknae Line” Risked Their Back Health in Celebrating Their First Place Win at M Countdown

Jimin was a little tired, but V was not.

BTS recently faced off with Super Junior for the first place win at Mnet’s M Countdown where they exhibited a special way of celebrating once they took the trophy.

Ahead of the reveal, BTS proposed that they would perform “Boy With Luv” as if it’s a musical if they happened to win.

In response, J-Hope proposed the idea of piggyback rides to which RM added, “We’ll sing while the youngest members give the oldest members piggyback rides.

Following much anticipation and BTS’s ultimate win, Jungkook carried J-Hope, Jimin carried Suga, and V carried Jin in one epic celebration.

In particular, Jungkook and V showed off their stamina by running all over the place as if they would never get tired.

What made many fans laugh was when Jin looked at V and said, “Stop shaking me so much!

But it appears Jimin was a little tired because he was seen taking short breaths and showing an awkward smile.

Watch BTS’s hyped up celebration below:

Source: Insight


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