“Rant Rapper Jin” Made A Comeback After BTS Drove Him Bananas 

He was ready to throw hands at his noisy members.

If they aren’t loud and chaotic are they still BTS?

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MC Jin has a level of patience most of us can only dream of, but he can only take so much!

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In Episode 1 of The MapleStory Originals | MapleStory X BTSRM told the story behind his “Runch Randa” stage nameJimin revealed how he lost a friend, and Jin nearly lost his mind.

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For a guessing game, Jin drew items from MapleStory and everyone else had to guess them. As usual, this brought out BTS’s competitive side. They shouted over each other, getting louder by the second.

When J-Hope said, “Tell us what we’re supposed to guess,” Jin’s patience started slipping.

Right as he was complaining about his members “butting in”, Jimin did it again!

“Can you please be quiet!” Jin shouted, swatting him.

When Suga complained about Jin not accepting his answer, that was the last straw. He snapped.

In the blink of an eye, MC Jin became Rant Rapper Jin. He ranted at the top of his lungs, scolding his members so much that a vein bulged on his neck!

It’s just another day in the life of BTS!