Matthew McConaughey Dishes On His “Insane” BTS Concert Experience

He revealed who his family’s biggest BTS fan is, and more.

American actor Matthew McConaughey shared new details about his BTS concert experience while guesting on The Ellen Show. 


On September 15 and 16 last year, BTS made their LOVE YOURSELF world tour concert stop in Fort Worth, Texas. Matthew McConaughey and his family were among the thousands of ARMYs who attended the show. Fans spotted him dressed in a T-shirt with his signature phrase, “Alright, alright, alright” on it.


He was also seen taking fancams of BTS…


…and leaving the concert with a bags full of BTS merch.


On Ellen, Matthew McConaughey revealed that his 10-year-old son Levi is the reason why he attended the concert. Levi is a huge music fan and his all-time favorite group is BTS.

“Levi wanted to see BTS for his birthday. His favorite band, BTS.”  — Matthew McConaughey


Levi knows all of BTS’s lyrics, and he started getting pumped for the show months before it happened.

“He’s rapping in Korean.”  — Matthew McConaughey


Ellen mentioned how loud BTS’s fans are when BTS comes on her show and Matthew McConaughey agreed, saying that the noise levels at the concert were “insane”.


The Hollywood star took his wife, his ARMY son, and a couple of Levi’s friends to the show. All of them “had a blast”.

“We got out of our seats. We got right down in the pit, broke a sweat dancing.”  — Matthew McConaughey


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