Each BTS Member Made A Wish On Their First Anniversary And It Will Make You Proud Seeing How Far They Have Come

In 2014, J-Hope’s wish was for BTS to be able to hold a concert.

ARMYs know that BTS’s journey to international fame has not been easy. It has been a testament to their dedication, talents, hard work and charisma.

When BTS first debuted, the members were disadvantaged as they came from a small company. Furthermore each member had his own share of personal hardships.

Still, in each of them, there was always hope that by continuing to train and work hard, they would be able to achieve their dreams.

In 2014, BTS celebrated the first year anniversary of their debut which was uploaded to BANGTANTV.

In commemoration, Suga asked each of the member to share their wish.

Unbeknown to each of the members, each of their wishes would end up coming true, even if they reacted with surprise or disbelief at their ambitions then.

Jimin was the first to go and he joked that his wish was to punch Suga.

Thankfully, Suga was willing to let his junior have his wish come true.

J-Hope followed, saying a wish that the BTS members reacted with disbelief during their one year anniversary.

I want us to do our own concert.

RM asked if J-Hope still wanted to do a concert with no audience but J-Hope clarified what he meant.

No, I didn’t mean that, with ARMY and a huge audience

Imagine how 2014 J-Hope and RM will react when they learn that by 2019, they will be selling out concerts all around the world in mere seconds!

And that they will be performing in front of tens of thousands of fans at each concert. Talk about a concert with ARMYs and a huge audience too!

Jin stated that his wish was to build his own building this year. In response, Suga sarcastically replied that Jin must be dreaming big.

As ambitious as Jin’s wish sounded in 2014, after a few years of hard work and success, Jin purchased a brand-new $1.7 million luxury apartment in 2018.

And not only that, Jin didn’t even need to take out a loan, he paid the $1.78 million USD upfront in cash! Guess Suga never saw that one coming.

Rap Monster stated that his wish was to buy many clothes.

When BTS was still a rookie, the members didn’t have much disposable income for things other than the necessities.

But with the international success that BTS has garnered with their music and artistry, Rap Monster can now finally be the fashion icon he has always wanted to be!

In fact, his airport fashion has marked him as one of the most street-savvy celebrities when it comes to fashion. And he now has so many outfits that ARMYs have lost count.

V’s wish was for him to be able to drive this year.

Given his busy schedule as an idol, V had to take some time before he was able to take the driving test.

Thankfully, he got his driver’s license in 2016 and is now able to drive.

Jungkook wished that BTS would be able to get their first music show win.

BTS would get their first win with “I NEED U”, just before the second year anniversary and it was an incredibly emotional moment.

But the Jungkook in 2014 would be shocked to know that BTS would rack up more than 70 music show wins by the end of the decade.

Furthermore, their latest song “Boy With Luv” has broken K-Pop records and with 21 music show wins, is now the most awarded song in music show history!

Suga derided the other members’ wishes for being cliché. When asked about what his wish was, he answered with something heartwarming.

I just want everyone around me to be happy

BTS has experienced numerous struggles and difficulties. As idols, they have encountered many pressures regarding their artistry and image. Furthermore, members like RM and Suga have also been open about their mental health difficulties.

Happiness is uncertain, no matter how much success one may achieve.

But BTS has since launched the ambitious series “Love Yourself” with a message focused on spreading love and kindness, but this can only start with self-acceptance and self-love.

Through their storytelling, BTS has inspired everyone around them with the message that loving one’s self is integral to true happiness.

BTS’s journey from rookies to international fame always strikes a chord with ARMYs who have seen their idols overcome countless hardships and achieve their dreams.

BTS is truly an inspirational group that shows that with persistent hard work, dedication and self-love, anyone can make their dreams come true.

But while so many things have changed, their first year anniversary shows one thing hasn’t and that is the unbreakable bond between the BTS members.