Have Any BTS Members Been Arrested? ARMY Clowns Quora With Their Answers

Well…they wanted to know.

The higher BTS rises, the more curious people become about the seven stars behind the music. Just who are RMJinSugaJ-HopeJimin, V, and Jungkook? What are they really like?

BTS | @Coway_Global/Twitter

Usually, ARMY is happy to answer the public’s burning questions, inviting “locals” to learn more about BTS’s members and become fans of the group. Sometimes though, they can’t resist clowning people with BTS “facts.”

BTS’s Jungkook | Run BTS/Weverse

On Quora, a user asked, “Have any of BTS been arrested?” The short answer is no, but what fun would that be to write in the comments? Instead, fans listed fictional crimes that BTS has committed, drawing inspiration from real life…

BTS’s RM | quora
BTS’s J-Hope | quora

…and the BTS Universe (aka the HYYH era). “Unfortunately yes,” a user by the name of Georgia May wrote. “The boys have done some bad things in the past.” She went on to list the crimes committed by RM and V’s fictional counterparts.

BTS’s RM and V | Georgia May/quora
| Georgia May/quora

Although the post was not meant to be taken seriously, some users still confused imagination with reality, leading Georgia May to write this follow-up disclaimer.

Disclaimer: since apparently some people ACTUALLY thought I was being serious… I have to make it clear that this is a joke. BTS have not been arrested, they have definitely never killed anyone. I just have to ask though, why would I have images of their arrest and of them graffiting?? And why would they still be on stage as a world famous kpop group if they’d actually stabbed someone to death… um they wouldn’t, they’d be in prison or on the run. (Probably on the run)

All the images are from their music videos, love yourself highlight reel or from BTS run episodes on Vlive.

I hope this clears up the misunderstanding even though all you needed was a smidgen of common sense. By the looks of things, that’s hard to come by nowadays. I pray for the world and my own sanity

It also kinda ruined the fun because ya’ll are too sensitive, but whatever, make the world dull again I suppose

Peace out nerds ✌

— Georgia May

The OP asked Quora about BTS’s arrest history years ago, but some users are still receiving updates about it today. As you can imagine, these notifications have led to amusement — and total confusion.

Learn more about BTS’s fictional history here:

The BTS Universe: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Source: Quora

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