BTS Chooses Which “BTS WORLD” Stories They Want To Play Most

Each member picked a story and explained why.

What would BTS be doing if they hadn’t debuted? The BTS WORLD mobile game gives players the chance to explore this question in “Another Story”.


In “Another Story”, each member has a new role in a new reality. They become RM the detective-writer, Jin the hotelier, Suga the piano student, J-Hope the veterinary medicine student, Jimin the rice cake maker, the farm boy, and Jungkook the Taekwondo club student.


In a new series of behind the scenes videos, BTS were asked which member’s “Another Story” they would like to play most. V chose Jungkook’s story because of how embarrassed Jungkook gets while acting.


RM said that he’s most curious about V’s life on the farm.


Suga also picked V’s story, to learn more about its plot.


Jin and Jimin both chose J-Hope’s story. Jin said he would like to nurture BTS’s “bonafide celebrity“…


…and Jimin was drawn to J-Hope’s brightness.


Both J-Hope and Jungkook chose RM’s story. J-Hope thinks it would be fun to be in a detective story.


Jungkook said that RM had the hardest time while filming, due to weather conditions, and he’s curious to see RM’s acting.


Since he can’t picture Detective RM, so he’ll have to play the game to find out more about him!


Check out the latest video in this series here: