V Reveals Which BTS Member Gets The Most Embarrassed While Acting

He talked about it in a newly released behind the scenes chat.

BTS always looks professional and natural on camera, but for some members, acting can be a little embarrassing.


In BTS’s BTS WORLD mobile game, the members were each given an acting role for their “Another Story” storylines. For example, became a farm boy and RM became a detective/writer.


On July 26, BTS WORLD Official dropped a new behind the scenes story for the gameIn it, V is asked which member’s “Another Story” he would like to play most.


V chose Jungkook‘s story because he said that Jungkook gets the most embarrassed while acting. This made V curious about the end result.


In “Another Story” Jungkook plays a Taekwondo club student with big dreams. In addition to learning lines, he also memorized fight choreography for his action scenes.


Check out V’s clip here: