Each BTS Member Describes Themselves In Only A Few Words — And It Will Touch Your Heart

Some of them hit close to home.

Each member of BTS once chose a definitive phrase or word to describe themselves in five Korean syllables.

| @BTS_bighit/Twitter

Jimin decided to go the light-hearted route and chose the phrase “cutie lovely.”

It may be simple, but it describes Jimin flawlessly!

RM settled on one of his nicknames from fans, “Hermione.”

He thinks fans gave him that name based on his strong work ethic.

The nickname sums up the way he wants to live his life.

Suga chose the phrase “I am who I am,” showing that he’s become his true self over the years.

Jungkook followed with a similar choice, “I’m still me,” reminding both BTS and ARMY that he’s still the same maknae they have always loved.

After carefully choosing, J-Hope went with “I am my own hope.

His choice showed how giving his fans happiness over the years has instilled a sense of confidence within himself.

I always say ‘I’m your hope.’ For once, I think I can be my own hope.

— J-Hope

Jin chose to lighten the mood, in classic Jin style.

His clever choice “Ji-i-i-i-n” instantly made the boys burst into laughter.

V took a while to decide, and eventually chose the phrase “My life is pretty.”

Looking back on myself, I think my life has turned out pretty.

— V

It’s hard to disagree with that statement!

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