The BTS Members Are Relatable AF When Jin Tries To Get Them To Exercise

How much do you relate to J-Hope?

A lot of the BTS members are known for their physical physique.

This doesn’t mean that the BTS members enjoy working out all the time.

During one occasion, Jungkook was trying to exercise a bit before a performance.

Everything changed for Jungkook when Jin decided to join him in his workouts.

After every successful set of workouts, Jin would almost immediately want to start again, to which Jungkook would initially decline.

After the two finish their push-ups, Jin immediately wants to start doing squats. Once Jungkook hears this, he immediately starts walking away.

This doesn’t do much, as Jin gets his wish of doing squats with Jungkook.

Jungkook eventually gives in and tells Jin to workout alone.

Once Jungkook is gone, Jin tries to recruit J-Hope to exercise with him. This conversation only lasts a couple of seconds.

Here is the full video below!