BTS Reveals Which Member Would Be Best At Dating Someone Outside Of Korea

BTS members revealed who they believe would be the best and worst in a long distance relationship.

Idols constantly discuss their ideal types and their date preferences. But while dating is quite a common topic that celebrities address during interviews, long distance relationships aren’t brought up nearly as often.

In one interview, however, BTS opened up about their dating views, and how they would feel in a long distance relationship.

When asked for their opinions, both Jin and Jimin sided with each other, believing that Suga would be the best at handling long distance relationships.

“Hmm.. Long distance relationships… Just thinking about it makes my heart ache but I think Suga hyung will be neutral about it.”

– BTS’s Jimin

Jin agreed that Suga would be best and long distance relationships, but thought he wouldn’t be able to handle it.

“Yeah I agree, Suga won’t mind at all. He’s really ‘cool’ about things. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Jimin. Jimin will be restless because he would want to meet the other person so badly. I think I would also want to meet the ‘other person’ a lot. (laughs)”

– Jin (BTS)

Jungkook disagreed and thought that leader Rap Monster would actually fit a long distance relationship best.

“Suga does not suit a long distance relationship at all. I mean I’ve never seen him initiate a conversation on Kakao talk so I don’t think he will contact the other person frequently. I think a long distance relationship is more suited with Rap Monster hyung.”

– Jungkook (BTS)

However, Rap Monster disagreed with Jungkook, taking a more analytic view on the member’s past relationships!

“Jimin has never properly had a relationship. Like a real relationship. So I guess it’s appropriate for him to start with a long distance relationship. Right? If he were with someone constantly and then broke up, he would be broken. I think “V” doesn’t suit a long distance relationship though.”

– Rap Monster (BTS)

V also believed he wouldn’t be able to handle a long distance relationship, believing it would be too hard.

 “I think I would go crazy if I can’t meet the person I want to meet. If I ever get a girlfriend, I will only SEE her. (in Japanese: ONLY YOU!)”

– V (BTS)

V doesn’t seem to have an opinion on who would be the best at long distance relationships but based on what most of the members have stated, it really does seem that Suga would be the best, as the rest of the group seem to believe it would be too hard to handle!


Source: Haru Hana Vol 30.

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