BTS’s Millionaire Members Forgot That They’re Rich…Again

They lived up to their “humble kings” reputation in a hilarious way.

BTS are living up to their “humble kings” reputation in a way that’s making fans laugh…and facepalm.


As a group, BTS are worth $60,000,000 and the net worth for each member ranges from $8,000,000 to $12,000,000. Nothing is “too expensive” for them anymore, but that have a hilarious habit of forgetting this.


In Episode 79 of Run BTS!BTS played a 007 treasure hunting game at Lotte Duty Free. They had to collect cards and win hearts from the Game Master to win the grand prize.


Usually, BTS wins gifts that the staff has picked out for them. This time though, they had the chance to win cash:  1,400,000 WON (approximately $1,183 USD).


This prize money is pocket change for people who wear $20,000 jackets and $70,000 watches, but you’d never guess it from their reactions!


JungkookV, and RM were genuinely shocked…


…and J-Hope transformed into a cartoon character…


…who couldn’t believe his ears!


Jimin even slapped himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming!


None of them could believe it!


Fans couldn’t love their reactions more. Even though BTS could probably buy everything in Lotte Free Duty (with coin to spare), they’re still as humble as ever!


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