BTS’s Suga Gave V A Backhanded Compliment That’s Just So Suga

He praised V in the most savage way during dance practice.

If you think there’s no such thing as a savage compliment, think again!

Sometimes Suga‘s sense of humor goes unappreciated, but fans know he’s a comedy king. His jokes slide right under the radar because his delivery style is so blunt and matter of fact.

On April 14, BangtanTV uploaded a behind the scenes dance practice video for BTS‘s unforgettable performance at the 2019 Melon Music Awards. As usual, the members switched between important business mode and play mode.

On the set for “Dionysus”, did a backroll (twice) as dance director Son Sung Deuk and his members cheered him on.

Suga’s “Oooooooooh!” was the loudest cheer of all.

Afterward, Suga told V, “That was the coolest you’ve ever been.” 

V’s reaction isn’t shown, but RM definitely caught that sarcasm!

Watch the video here: