BTS’s J-Hope Won’t Let RM Live Down His “God Of Destruction” Reputation

J-Hope threw shade in the best way.

It’s been 7 years, but BTS‘s RM still can’t live down his “God of Destruction” reputation, no thanks to his members!

If you haven’t heard, BTS’s leader is a little clumsy.

Okay, make that a lot clumsy.

Try as he might, this God of Destruction can’t control his powers. Drinks…


…music video sets. Nothing is safe from his gifted hands!

In the latest Bangtan Bomb, J-Hope playfully threw shade at RM about his clumsiness. When J-Hope lifted food over Jungkook‘s head, he told Jungkook not to worry about him dropping it.

After all, he’s not RM!

“You looked right at me,” RM replied. “J-Hope, don’t you think your gaze was way too blunt?”

Watch the clip here: