BTS Aren’t The Best When It Comes To Drawing And Their Struggle Is Funny AF

ARMYs had a blast watching BTS miserably fail at playing this game. 

On a recent episode of Run BTS! 2019, BTS members played a drawing game where a member sketches out a word and the rest of them guess what it is. And BTS, being BTS and as food driven as they are, decided to do rounds of different menus. While the members tried their absolute best to be sketching wizards, they all failed pretty miserably and the result was simply hilarious!


First up was Jungkook. Using a blow pen, he began drawing “Jjim-Dak (찜닭, soy sauce braised chicken)”. Here’s what a typical plate of this popular chicken menu looks like…



… and here’s Jungkook’s blow-pen version of it. RM and Suga, on the same team with Jungkook, guessed all kinds of things – including ramen and shaved ice – before getting the correct answer.


Then Suga was up. The word he had to draw out was “Hamburger”. Check out the buns on this burger that Suga sketched before Jungkook guessed it right.


RM had quite a bit of trouble sketching his words. The first one he had to draw was “Tteokbokki (떡볶이, spicy rice cakes)”, which he ended up drawing like this …


… and the second one was “Pa Jeon (파전, Korean style green onion pancake)”, which ended up being a green version of his spicy rice cakes! Unfortunately, no one was able to guess what this was.


In case you’re wondering, here are actual pictures of RM’s menus.

Spicy rice cakes (left) and Korean style green onion pancakes (right)


Jimin got stuck with a food item that had the highest difficulty level. He tried his best to portray what it looks like as served in restaurants…


… but it wasn’t easy for the fellow BTS members to guess – especially when drawn in all black.


Only when Jimin tried a second time, using different colored blow pens, was J-Hope finally able to guess “Bossam (보쌈, pork wraps)”.


V was given the word “Kalgooksoo (칼국수, hand cut noodles)”.


V tried his best to show that it’s a bowl of noodles, especially by adding in a small manila clam that is often used to cook this menu…


… but Jimin and J-Hope kept guessing BBQ-ed clams. V was devastated until, with RM’s guidance, he was able to add some crucial hints to the picture that helped Jimin correctly!


J-Hope actually did quite an adequate job of drawing his word, “Boong-o-bbang (붕어빵, fish shaped red bean bread)”, but the team had already ran out of time and his round didn’t count!


Last but not least, Jin got to showcase his world of abstract painting as well. While Jin is possibly the most decent drawer of the BTS members, he was the host for the game and didn’t get to play on a team. Here’s Jin’s drawing. Can you guess what it is?


Watch the full clip below: