BTS Once Shared What Has And Has Not Changed Since Their Debut

Their love for ARMYs is constant 💜

In a past interview with the KBS program News 9, BTS reminisced on the past and talked about how their lives have changed since they hit global stardom.

The host of the show broached the topic by asking about their past hardships. “I heard you also went through difficult times in the early days.”  Jin agreed and shared a funny story that occurred many times in their dorm.

There were times when we had to catch fruit flies with a vacuum cleaner because a banana went bad in the dorm and there were too many fruit flies.

— Jin

On a more serious note, he revealed that there were times when the only food they had to eat was chicken breasts. The sacrifices they had to endure in the past made him appreciate the good days that they have now.

Sometimes we only had chicken breasts to eat, but I feel fortunate that we have good results now.

— Jin

When asked what has changed since then, Jin excitedly shared that he can now eat whatever he wants.

When we didn’t make enough profit, we had limits for what we could eat, but now I can eat whatever I want. If I want to eat two pieces of beef steak, I can do that.

— Jin

Jimin, on the other hand, appreciates how much more relaxed he feels. “I feel more relaxed. Back then, I looked impatient and dogged, but now I am more relaxed.

On the flip side, many things still haven’t changed for the boys! Jungkook noted that their feelings towards ARMYs haven’t changed at all.

Our looks and personalities have changed and softened, but one thing that didn’t change is how we feel about our fans, our attitudes towards music, and our sincerity.

— Jungkook

BTS may be one of the biggest artists in the world now, but fame hasn’t diminished their humility and gratitude at all!

Hear more stories from BTS themselves in the full interview below.

Source: 크랩 KLAB