BTS’s “Not Today” Was Choreographed By One Of Justin Bieber’s Choreographers

He’s also continued creating stunning choreography for the group.

If you weren’t already impressed by BTS‘s “Not Today” music video, you will be when you find out more about the choreographer behind it!


Having started dancing at the age of 15, California-based choreographer Keone Madrid has had great success, including choreographing Justin Bieber‘s hugely popular “Love Yourself” music video. Which is why it came as no surprise that the dance for “Not Today” was, and still is, so incredible!


“Not Today” wasn’t the first time that Keone had choreographed for BTS, either. On his Twitter account, he informed fans that he had previously assisted in the choreography for “DOPE”, “Blood Sweat & Tears”, and “FIRE”.


At the time “Not Today” came out, Keone sent some major love to BTS and expressed how impressed he was at how they always nailed the moves even in the difficult circumstances surrounding how he choreographed for them.

“I’ll create it with my dancers, get it on film, and then send it over to production for them to learn it. It’s not easy learning through video. This one especially would have been difficult. So I’m always very impressed with how well BTS gets it. A major thank you to them and their team for another opportunity!”

— Keone


And even more recently, Keone worked with BTS for “Singularity”!


Keone has also worked on choreography for BIGBANG’s Taeyang, and even created the dances to VIXX’s “Shangri-La”! His wife, Mariel, a fellow dance, is no stranger to K-Pop either having worked alongside 2NE1. Judging by how amazing all of their choreographies have turned out, we can only hope that Keone keeps blessing us with them in the future. Check out some the amazing choreography in BTS’s “Not Today” and “Singularity” to be blown away once again!

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