This Talented Artist Is BTS’s Number One Fan

We think he’s Jin biased.

One dedicated Instagram artist has been stanning BTS longer than any other ARMY has because…


…he’s Jungkook‘s brother, Jeon Junghyun!


For a long time, netizens mistook Sungjin from Day6 for Jungkook’s brother. Unlike many Instagrammers, Jeon Junghyun (je0n92o, formerly jeon756) isn’t a fan of selfies, so we’re not sure what he looks like nowadays!


He may prefer to keep his face out of the public eye, but he isn’t shy about showing his support for BTS through his artwork.


On September 4, Jeon Junghyun uploaded this black and white group portrait. In the caption, he congratulated BTS for scoring the No.1 album on the Billboard 200, for Love Yourself: Answer. 


Just a few days before that he posted this hilariously accurate doodle of Jin‘s concept outfit after Jin wore it out in public, just because he wanted to.


Fans were loving it!


Jeon Junghyun’s Instagram is just one big ode to BTS! He has drawn their outfits…


…their BT21 characters…


…and has even transformed the members into beloved cartoon characters.


Jeon Junghyun seems to share his brother’s sense of humor because he likes to draw BTS’s derpiest moments…


…and he took a jab at Jimin‘s height by drawing him as Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants!


Although his art tends to be on the comical side, anyone can how truly proud he is of his famous brother…


…and the other members!


The love is mutual too. Once, BTS tweeted out Jeon Junghyun’s BTS x The Simpsons picture!


As of right now, Jeon Junghyun’s new Instagram only has 28 posts, but since he updates it frequently, fans can look forward to new art soon!