BTS Once Revealed The Text Messages They Received From Bang Si Hyuk After They Got Their First Win

Bang Si Hyuk had a simple message for the members.

The BTS members have a great relationship with the head of their agency (Big Hit Entertainment), Bang Si Hyuk.

Bang Si Hyuk

Throughout the years, there have been many touching and hilarious moments between them.

When BTS guested on KBS Cool FM Changmin’s Gayo Plaza, they spoke about the hilarious way Bang Si Hyuk congratulated them when they got their first music show win.

BTS got their first win on SBS MTV’s The Show, which is a cable network show. RM revealed that they were extremely excited about the win and texted Bang Si Hyuk, thanking him for all he’s done for them.

| Peppy Grace Subs/YouTube

However, Bang Si Hyuk ended up replying by telling them that they should thank him once they get a music show win from a public network, which is considered more “major” compared to a win from a cable network. Not only that, but Bang Si Hyuk gave the same reply to all the members!

| Peppy Grace Subs/YouTube

The members laughed a bit while recalling this story, and they shared that Bang Si Hyuk texted them something along the lines of, “Let’s congratulate after you get 1st place ^^“.

| Peppy Grace Subs/YouTube

Changmin, who at the time was also under Big Hit Entertainment, got a little playful and said that Bang Si Hyuk should have sent a more congratulatory message.

| Peppy Grace Subs/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!


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