BTS Was In Marvel’s “Eternals” Way More Than Just Through Song—Here’s The Other Times You May Not Have Noticed During Your First Time Watching

BTS were low-key starring in this movie.

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Marvel Studios‘ movie Eternals was a fan-favorite of the many releases of 2021.

It starred some of our favorite actors, such as the great Ma Dong Seok (also known as Don Lee) as Gilgamesh…

Ma Dong Seok (also known as Don Lee) as Gilgamesh in “Eternals.” | Marvel Studios

It even featured music from our favorite artists. BTS‘s Jimin and V‘s song “Friends” was featured in the film’s soundtrack. You can hear it play during the scene as some of the Eternals travel on Kingo’s (Kumail Nanjiani) private plane.

Fans of both Marvel and BTS especially were excited to watch the film and see Jimin’s name in the ending credits as he served as a songwriter. So, many ARMYs uploaded photos from the cinema.

Now, while the song’s inclusion was the highlight for many ARMYs, there are some more BTS references and “cameos” you may not have noticed the first time you watched the Eternals. Now, with the movie’s release on Disney+, we can see all we missed the first time and rewatch…

In Sersi (Gemma Chan) and Sprite’s (Lia McHugh) apartment, you’ll notice familiar faces on the wall. There are photocards and posters of BTS, specifically from their albums Love Yourself: Tear and Love Yourself: Answer.

Like who knew some of the universe’s most powerful beings were just like us and part of the ARMY?

@gabrielle.legg sprite sersi and kingo are confirmed bts stans #fyp #marvel #eternals #mcu #disneyplus #bts #btsarmy ♬ original sound – </3

The scene is dimly lit, so we’ve brightened up the shot of the wall. Now, you can see all of the many photos of BTS. Are we sure they didn’t just shoot this scene in our apartment?

Sersi and Sprite’s apartment in “Eternals.” | Marvel Studios & Disney+

Sersi and Sprite are not the only members of the BTS ARMY either. Along with Ikaris (Richard Madden), they reunite with Kingo and attempt to recruit him to return to his former life as an Eternal. He worries about what will happen not his successful film career and mentions that BTS had just agreed to cameo in one of his upcoming movies.

@jhope_0218940 I enjoyed the whole movie. worth to watch 💜 #bts #fyp #Eternals ♬ 친구 – BTS

Following this scene is actually when we hear “Friends” play on Kingo’s airplane. So, there were was one BTS reference one after another!

We can’t say we’re too surprised by the many BTS references through the Eternals. Oscar-winning director Chloé Zhao is ARMY herself! Read more here:

Here’s The Real Reason Marvel “Eternals” Director Chloé Zhao Chose BTS Jimin And V’s Track “Friends” As An OST For The Film

Source: Disney+

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