Pantene And TRESemme Are Fighting Over BTS…Get Your Popcorn Ready

Two haircare brands are feuding over their “hair idols”, BTS.

Pantene and TRESemme are battling it out over BTS and, honestly, we don’t know who to root for!


BTS don’t officially represent either haircare brand, but they do have a history with Pantene through their friend and collaborator Steve Aoki. Steve Aoki became Pantene’s “Pantene Oppa” back in October 2018, after the US radio station 103.7 KISS FM proposed that Pantene should make Steve Aoki their spokesperson.


This opened up a hilarious 4-way tweet party between the radio station, Steve Aoki, and ARMYs that eventually led to Pantene mailing their “Pantene Oppa” a box of goodies.


Many ARMYs joined the Pantene Oppa Squad, but loyalties are being tested now that TRESemme has entered the chat. On April 4, TRESemme congratulated BTS on their Billboard Music Awards nominations, calling them their “new hair idols”.


ARMYs immediately tweeted out at Pantene, to alert them to the situation.


The next day, Pantene responded with nothing but sass. They told TRESemme that “nobody has” what they have with Pantene Oppa and ARMY, tagging BTS and Steve Aoki.


TRESemme wasn’t about to let that slide. They tweeted out a meme that shows a bottle of TRESemme shampoo BTS used, along with a hashtag shoutout to “Team BTreS”.


Is Pantene shaking? Heck no. They clapped back with even more attitude!


In response, TRESemme referred to Pantene as “that one weird old aunt”. Shots fired!


ARMYs are loving all this drama, and they can’t wait to see how it ends!