Seoul Focusing On Promoting The Hallyu Wave After Success Of “Parasite” And BTS

Korean entertainment is about to get even more popular!

After seeing such massive successes worldwide with the K-Pop group BTS and the Korean-directed movie Parasite, South Korea’s capital, Seoul, is going to focus on “nurturing local creativity and the global sales of Korean cultural content in 2020”.

In order to accomplish this, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism is planning on using 1.69 trillion won ($1.42 million USD) to help local content creators to make their projects a reality, 80 million of which will be focused specifically on pioneering projects.  They’re also planning on spending an additional 75.1 billion won in 2020 to support research and development in the emerging high-tech sector.  All of this is planned in order to try and further promote Korea’s culture and entertainment internationally.

Other projects that the ministry is planning include hosting various fairs and festivals to promote Korean entertainment’s influence and increase overseas sales, which will include collaborations between companies and Korean TV stars to host “K-culture festivals” later in 2020.

Additionally, they want to increase state-run Korean language education centers globally from 180 to 210 branches in 60 different countries in order to encourage international fans to learn the language. Ministry officials are planning on doing all they can to greatly promote the hallyu wave.

I think it’s very positive that Korean culture is being recognized globally with the new ascent of hallyu, as represented by ‘Parasite’ and BTS.

— Culture Minister Park Yangwoo