BTS Can’t Help Thinking Of The Past While Filming For “Yet To Come”

“It’s the song that shows the past nine years of our lives.”

BTS recently shared their experience filming the music video for “Yet To Come” in a behind-the-scenes video on their official YouTube channel.

The music video is already riddled with references to BTS’s history. Suga shared that each prop they used is an “homage to things we’ve done in the past.”

RM revealed the decision to film in the desert was purposeful, as the vast and empty setting was similar to BTS’s experience when they debuted.

Filming for a music video that had so many references to their youth left the members reflecting on their past experiences.

In one of the shots for the music video, the members sat on chairs that were arranged in the same way they were in the group’s music video for “Just One Day.”

Jungkook and J-Hope couldn’t help getting up to recreate part of the song’s choreography as they waited to film.

While reviewing the footage, V recalled one of their song’s lyrics referencing a desert. In BTS’s song “Lost,” the members sing of feeling “lost between the deserts and ocean.

I’m still standing here with my eyes closed
Lost between the deserts and oceans
I’m still wandering
Where should I go yeah

⁠— Jimin and Jungkook’s verse in BTS’s “Lost”

V mistook the line and combined the lyrics with another verse in the same song.

V, J-Hope, and RM hilariously pondered if there are ants in the desert. RM eventually recalled the correct lyric about the ant.

Finally, as they were walking in a group, a member of the creative team said it reminded them of BTS’s “Epilogue: Young Forever.” J-Hope began to sing the song, placing his hand on Jin‘s shoulder.

The BTS members were dedicated to capturing the essence of their journey over the last nine years. To see all of the ways they honored their past work, you can check out the music video for “Yet To Come” below!

Source: YouTube