The BTS Members Show Their True Emotional Reactions To ARMY’s Special Event Backstage

This is so precious! 🥺

Right when BTS goes off stage to prepare for the encore part of their performance, ARMY often prepare special events, known as “ARMY TIME.” However, during their PERMISSION TO DANCE in Seoul concert, fans had to improvise and use their clappers as a way of showing their love for BTS.

The sound of the clappers in the stadium was so loud that Jimin could hear it backstage in the waiting room!

Suga commented on how with practice each day, ARMY were getting better and better at the clapper event and he was taken aback by their sentimental gesture.

While V was getting his hair and makeup touched up, he turned to watch the event for himself on the screen.

His sincere expression says it all!

Touched by fans’ kindness, he was amazed at the unique event.

Meanwhile, J-Hope was in awe…

…and was certain this had to be a first!

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