BTS Bragged About Their “Pets” And Now Yeontan Might Be Jealous

BTS bragged about their “pets” at a recent fan sign.

V might have some explaining to do to his dog, Yeontan, after bragging about another “pet” in front of fans.


On April 25, BTS hosted a Q&A at their M2U fan sign. The members answered fan-submitted questions, including one about their “pets”.


Instead of bragging about Yeontan, V bragged about Jimin. V said that Jimin’s a “good boy” who listens well, then he affectionately patted his behind!


Jimin said that his dependable pet, Jungkook, can protect him with his strength.


Pet Jin‘s firm shoulders and back take away Jungkook’s fears. Jungkook said that he always wants Jin to be beside him as his strength.


J-Hope didn’t hear the question at first, but once he knew what was going on he got right into his role. J-Hope panted like the cutest puppy dog you’ve ever seen as Jin bragged about his bright personality and love for people. “Don’t feed him,” Jin told fans.


J-Hope described RM as a pet who needs to be taken care of. Jungkook (aka RM’s number one fan) pointed out RM’s intelligence. When J-Hope told RM to fetch, RM gave the chicest “woof” ever!


RM’s description of Suga made everybody laugh. His “pet” has no energy, no strength, and spends too much time sleeping!


Check out the whole Q&A here.


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