This Superfan Spent $100,000 To Look Like BTS’s Jimin

“For me, he’s perfection.” — Oli London

An avid K-Pop fan from London, England has spent £75,000 ($100,000 USD) on cosmetic surgeries to look like his BTS bias, Jimin.


Oli London fell head over heels for BTS while living in Korea in 2013, the same year BTS debuted. Of all the members, he became particularly enamored with Jimin. The British model and TV personality has spent the last five years undergoing surgeries in the hopes of resembling his idol.

“For me, he’s perfection.” — Oli London


Oli London has gone to great lengths to show his love for Jimin through imitation. This includes changing his clothes, hair, and body.

“I want to look like a K-Pop star. I want my entire look to look like Jimin. He’s honestly my K-Pop idol.”  — Oli London


He has spent thousands of dollars on top brands that K-Pop stars have worn…


…including the Robert Cavalli shirt Jimin wore in BTS’s “FAKE LOVE” music video.

“This is very special to me because obviously Jimin wore the same one.”  — Oli London


This photo of Oli London was taken 7 to 8 years before his beauty journey began. Before getting plastic surgery, he was insecure about his looks, particularly his acne and his nose.

“My nose was very big. That’s when I actually decided, look, I need to change myself now.”  — Oli London


Since the first of his four rhinoplasty procedures, Oli London has also undergone liposuction…


…eyelid surgery…


…jawline surgery, and a chin implant. The procedures have cost him around $100,000.


In addition to surgeries, Oli London has also received fillers to change the shape of his face and eye area to look more like Jimin’s.

“I actually look Korean.”  — Oli London, after getting his filler injections


Oli London says that he isn’t trying to change his race, but he would like to achieve the K-Pop look because he greatly admires Korean beauty.

“I’m not saying that I want to be Asian, as such I’m always going to be British Caucasian, but I would like to look as close as possible to Korean popstars and Jimin.” — Oli London


To see more of Oli London’s story, including his friends’ reactions to his look, check out the video here.


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