BTS Praised To Have “Cracked” The United States And Taught American Fans About K-Pop

“You guys opened our eyes and our hearts.”

In their latest over-the-phone interview with Maxwell from Z100 at iHeartRadio studios in New York, BTS discussed what it has been like for the group to be breaking barriers and entering the market in the US and to be promoting K-Pop all over the globe.


As the interviewer pointed out, BTS had a huge year in 2019, breaking records and “paving ways” around the world, including in the United States.

Let’s focus on North America. The US ARMYs, they turned out. I’m talking the Rose Bowl, Soldier Field, MetLife Stadiums.

— Maxwell


When BTS were asked to pick “favorite things about touring the US and seeing the fans in the United States, RM — on behalf of all the members — shared that it was like a dream come true for the group.

BTS at the Rose Bowl

The tour itself was so amazing because it was our dream goal. We were [talking about] this dream from… like 2017!

— RM


For BTS, the US tour allowed them to see that music truly has no limits and can be a language for everyone, everywhere. And that meant everything for the members.

BTS at the MetLife

We met over 300,000 fans in the US and… you know, they can’t speak Korean and lots of members can’t speak English, but we just had this real big communion for dance and music. It was the most amazing thing.

— RM


The interviewer agreed and pointed out that BTS, in fact, “opened [American] eyes and hearts to who [they] are not only as a group but individuals.” For both K-Pop and American pop cultures, ARMYs worldwide, and BTS themselves, 2019 was simply that magical!

BTS at the Soldier Field

You were able to teach [fans] here in the States so much about [Korean] culture. And to watch it be embraced was the coolest thing because, I’ll be honest, America is a tough country to crack. And you guys opened our eyes and our hearts.

— Maxwell


BTS were flattered to be praised to have “cracked” the US market and to have achieved that “American Dream”. The statement is, of course, nothing short of the truth; BTS continue to enchant the world, including the United States, and they’re unstoppable!

Thank you so much for saying that. We’re so flattered. We of course know how hard it is to — like you said — crack [the US]. It’s an American Dream!

— RM


Listen to the full interview here: