BTS’s Jimin Danced A Solo At His Teacher’s Wedding, Long Before He Debuted

A former classmate posted this video from 8 years ago.

Jimin was born to be a star, but he began to shine way before he joined BTS.


Many fans are familiar with this dance clip from Jimin’s predebut days, but another video has just recently resurfaced.


On September 21, Jimin’s old classmate uploaded an 8-year-old video from their high school teacher’s wedding. Jimin’s high school class put together a performance for their teacher as a wedding present.


A few students had solos during the performance, and one of those students was none other than 16-year-old Jimin!


The guests watched Jimin perform these hip-hop dance moves, not knowing that he would one day dance for thousands of fans!


A lot has changed for Jimin since his teacher’s special day, but he’s just as cute and talented now as he was back then!


Check out the whole video here: