BTS Proves That They Don’t Give Anything Less Than 100% On Stage

BTS performs every stage as if it were their last.

BTS is known for their high-quality stage performances that seem to be upgraded as the years go by. In an industry where a groups’ talent can reach a plateau, BTS never ceases to amaze us at the amount of effort and work they put into each comeback. Below are some stories of media staff and reporters recalling how shocked they were at BTS’s performances.

Youtubers LOVEND posted a video of them reacting to BTS’s “ON” Kinetic Manifesto Film and recalled a time they saw BTS backstage. They were so shocked at how much energy they put into their performance even though they were known to be one of the top idol groups in the industry.

They felt that BTS’s efforts and their story in the K-Pop industry is something non-fans can even relate to.

You can see just how out of breath and burnt out they are at the ending scene.

source: wondernight

A reporter recalls a time he saw BTS at the Golden Disk Awards and reveals how shocked he was to see an idol use a portable respirator to breathe after the show. This just proved just how hard they performed to give it their all on stage.

RM‘s message to the group before going on stage shows their mindset that they have before a performance.

Thank you BTS for all your hard work and efforts to bring a hundred percent for every performance.

Thanks for understanding that this is a special moment for fans and that you know just how much we’ve been waiting for this.

source: fairybunny

Fans are truly grateful for all that they do for them. Fans just hope that they will stay happy and healthy before anything else.

source: 2013×613