Actor Randall Park Was Once Moved To Tears At A BTS Concert And It’s Relatable AF

If you’ve ever been to a BTS concert, you’ll understand this.

Actor Randall Park once revealed he attended a BTS concert and he’s unashamed that the experience moved him to tears.

He admits he originally wasn’t a fan going into the concert and just went to accompany his wife, but all of that changed during the course of the show.

He reveals he was “super moved” by BTS, seeing something he never could have dreamed of as a kid — Koreans receiving such honorable recognition in America.

I get there—The Rose Bowl—90,000 people packed. All different races, all different ages singing along to these Korean musicians and dancers.

— Randall Park

He even went to the extent of collecting each member of the BTS Mattel dolls and proudly displays them on a shelf in his living room.

Along with BTS breaking boundaries for Korean music on a global scale, a year after their tour, South Korean film director Bong Joon Ho made cinematic history by winning Academy Awards for his film “Parasite.” With Korean entertainment and culture becoming popularized through the achievements of these great names, it’s an incredible feeling to see such representation…which makes perfect sense why Randall couldn’t help but become emotional (and become an ARMY)!

As a kid I could never imagine something like that happening.

— Randall Park on his BTS concert experience.

Watch Randall’s full explanation of his BTS experience below!