BTS Rap Monster Officially Changes His Stage Name

Rap Monster announced that he is officially changing his stage name from Rap Monster to RM.

In a blog post in the official fan cafe of BTS, Rap Monster posted a lengthy post explaining why he wanted to change his name. 

“When I was a trainee, I started calling myself Rap Monster because of a song I did.

Then naturally, I just kept saying this was my stage name and it stuck.

After promoting under this name for awhile, I realized my name was really long and the name Rap Monster wasn’t representative of the type of music I wanted to do in the future.

Also, as time went by, people referred to me was Rapmon or RM for short.

I have decided to change my name to RM to mark a different period in my artistic path.

I will broaden my scope in my music and work towards a change with this new name, RM.”

— RM

He unofficially announced that he was changing his name on September 20 when he was on DJ Ebro’s radio show, Beats1.

Rap Monster Reveals To Famous American DJ That He Wants To Change His Stage Name

Everyone should look forward to a new change in his artistic style as he explained that this name change will also mark a difference in style!

Source: Kyeongin