BTS’s Reactions To Their “THE FACT Music Awards” Wins Will Brighten Your Day

BTS won big, and their reactions say it all.

BTS entertained fans just by being themselves at THE FACT Music Awards!


On April 24, BTS attended the very first U+5G THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS. By the end of the night, they became the first-ever winners of the show’s “Artist of the Year” award, “U+ Idol Live Popularity Award”, “Best Album” award, and the “THE FACT Music Daesang”.


Each time BTS was announced as the winner, the members made fans smile with their energy and enthusiasm. When they won “Artist of the Year”, Jin jumped out of his seat, throwing his hands in the air.


Jungkook did a little dance and posed…


…and gasped, then gave the camera an adorable smile.


When BTS won their Daesang, the camera went right to J-Hope


..who pulled his members into this bouncy group hug.


If there’s one reaction that stole the show though, it could be Jungkook’s hilarious reaction to winning the “U+ Idol Live Popularity Award”…


…or Jin’s sudden “IDOL” dance!


Check out V’s new hair color, and Jungkook’s red carpet duality for more of BTS at THE FACT Music Awards. 

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