BTS Tried To Trick RM Into Believing Their “ON” MV CGI Was Real

BTS’s genius leader nearly got fooled by his members.

BTS‘s RM is a genius, but even geniuses have their gullible moments!

In a new BangtanTV video, BTS reacts to watching “ON” MV for the first time. The members praise each other’s performances, marvel over the video’s visual effects, and provide commentary about their filming experiences.

BTS were impressed with the video’s cinematic visual effects, especially the CGI. Sometimes it’s obvious when CGI has been used in film, but the CGI in “ON” MV is so realistic that RM was nearly fooled into believing it!

Several sneaky members insisted that the MV’s stone gate was real, confusing RM.

“Was it really there?” RM asked Suga“Dunno,” Suga replied, laughing behind his mask.

After letting RM question his reality a little more, Suga admitted that the stone gate doesn’t exist.

Watch BTS’s reaction video here: