BTS’s Reaction To V Casually Spoiling “Stranger Things” Season 3 Is Relatable AF

V, please!

So it seems BTS are no different when it comes to hearing unsolicited spoilers! While getting ready for a performance backstage, V casually dropped hints about the third season of Stranger Things — and the way his hyungs got so offended AF is only so relatable.


As soon as J-Hope said he got a muscle cramp — which is called gee in Korean — the members began singing Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” and making all kinds of play on the word “gee”.


For V, this meant the perfect timing to discuss rats — which are also called gee in Korean.

You know, season 3 is all about gee.

— V


And while V didn’t mention the title of the show, members immediately understood it was regarding their favorite Netflix series at the moment, Stranger Things. Suga got IRL agitated with V’s commentary.

Man, can you stop talking about season 3? You’re not the only one who watches the show!

— Suga


Jin didn’t like the spoiler too much either:

You’re starting to really piss me off, man!

— Jin


The frustration didn’t last long, of course, as the members were being playful with V. ARMYs agree though, Suga and Jin’s reactions to V remind them 200% of themselves when they come across unwanted spoilers from that one friend who didn’t get the memo to stay quiet!


Watch BTS’s most-average-Netflix-bingers moment here:


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