BTS’s Reactions To A Crying Woman Show Just How Different Their Personalities Are

She was all tears. Suga was all giggles.

Buckle up, ARMY. We’re taking a trip back in time to BTS‘s debut days!


In 2013, BTS’s variety show, Rookie King, walked so that Run BTS! could, well…run. In this 8-episode series, the members played games to introduce their colorful personalities to ARMY.

One of the show’s most legendary moments was an elevator prank that took place in Episode 1. BTS was told to show off their charms in an elevator, not realizing that they were actually filming a hidden camera prank.

Suddenly, a beautiful, crying woman entered the elevator, disrupting each member’s filming. Little did they know, she was in on the prank!

As soon as the woman entered, Jimin went from dancing around to standing awkwardly in a corner, glancing at the stranger. Just who is she? And why is she pressing buttons for every floor?

Each time more actors piled into the elevator, the woman moved closer to BTS. Jimin managed to escape quietly, but some of his members weren’t so lucky!

Jungkook got the surprise of a lifetime when the woman arrived…

…and, unlike Jimin, he was trapped. Jungkook looked up into the camera with a mix of annoyance and, “Why isn’t anybody saving me from this situation?!” (Can you picture the out-of-sight staff cackling at his expense? We can!)

Unlike his younger members, Suga didn’t hide in a corner pretending he didn’t exist. Instead, he continued dancing around the woman, who seemed to be struggling to stay in character as Suga played around and joined her pressing-all-the-buttons game.

As for the close proximity, well…Suga didn’t hate it!

had a much spookier experience than the rest of his members. After the prank, he told the staff that he’d mistaken the woman for a ghost!

For the most part, leader RM kept his cool and asked the woman what his members must have been thinking; “Are you going to [every floor]?” He had to keep shutting the elevator doors for her.

Out of all the members, Jin was the only one who asked the woman why she was crying. He also seemed to be the most at ease in this bizarre situation.

The same could not be said for J-Hope. The elevator doors opened at the worst possible time, embarrassing the heck out of him.

J-Hope went from pacing the elevator to trying to make conversation with the actress…

…before she boxed him in.

Needless to say, ARMY’s hope was a little stuck and very confused!

This prank showcased just how different yet equally likeable each one of these rookies was, giving 2013 ARMYs plenty of reasons to fall in love with BTS’s charming personalities. Although the prank happened nine years ago, it still holds a special place in fans’ hearts!

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