BTS Reveal How Hard It Was To Get Screen Time When They Debuted

They had a difficult time breaking into the music industry.

In 2020, BTS can be seen on television shows around the world as they continue their global domination. Unfortunately, it wasn’t always that way.

On March 3, BangtanTV released a new reaction video where 2020 BTS reacts to 2013 BTS giving an interview. Back then, BTS were just seven, hard-working rookies trying to break into the music industry.

After cringing and laughing their way through the interview, BTS revealed how grateful they were for it. When they debuted, it was difficult for them to get the screen time they needed to get their name out there.

If a show already had enough artists booked, BTS wasn’t able to get a spot at all.

BTS’s interview with Hanbam TV Entertainment was a rare opportunity that the members are still thankful for to this day.

“They really saved us,” said.

Watch the video here: