BTS Reacts To Jimin’s Sexy “Serendipity” Dance Performance

They went from idols to fanboys.

Jimin has millions of fans, but his members are his #1 Fanboys!

“Serendipity”, a song partly inspired by The Little Prince novella, has become one of Jimin’s most beloved solo performances. From his magical entrance to his enchanting vocals and dancing, Jimin mesmerizes his audience.

Then, of course, there’s this point in the choreography that makes fans scream every time.

In BTS’s Break The Silence: The Movie Commentary Package VOD, BTS went from performers to spectators, reacting to moments from their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself world tour.

J-HopeJungkook, and Jin hyped Jimin’s sexy moves at the top of their lungs with “Ohhs!” and “Whoas!” and a high pitched “Jiminnn!” 

“You undressed quite a lot,” J-Hope said. “Me?” Jimin replied confidently. “I can do it undressed, too!” 

Jin jokingly added that Jimin dresses just to get undressed on stage. “He lets his shoulder out on purpose,” Jungkook teased.

Meanwhile, Jimin wished the staff had cut his parts out of the movie. He felt a bit embarrassed watching them!

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