Here’s How BTS’s Jin Reacted To His Brother’s Surprise Cameo

His brother showed up in the last place he expected.

Jin spotted his older brother Kim Seokjung in the last place he expected: a BTS movie!

| Big Hit Three Sixty/Break The Silence: The Movie

Earlier this year, BTS released Break The Silence: The Movie, a new documentary film that follows their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself world tour.

In the Break The Silence: The Movie Commentary Package VOD, BTS watches the entire film and reacts hilariously to funny moments, including Jungkook‘s shirtless push-ups and RM‘s ‘President of Brazil’ meme.

In one scene, Jin visited an amusement park while his voiceover played. As the footage changed from color to black and white to suit the sentimental mood, Jin’s brother made a surprise appearance.

When Jin saw the baby photo of him and Kim Seokjung, he burst out laughing. “What’s my older brother doing there?” he asked. “What’s he doing there?” 

RM took this opportunity to congratulate Kim Seokjung on his wedding.

Jin MC’d at his brother’s wedding back in August.

Jin, his brother, and his brother’s wife | @kimseokjung90/Instagram

For more commentary, find out how BTS reacted to Jungkook’s scene here:

BTS Reacts To Jungkook’s Shirtless Push-Ups Scene


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