BTS Receives Special Dedication In New Edition Of “Map Of The Soul – Persona” Book

BTS’s influence is that strong.

Back in April of this year, BTS released their album Map Of The Soul: Persona, featuring the title track “Boy With Luv”. It took the world by storm and turned ARMYs into detectives, trying to figure out its meaning.

It led everyone to conclude that the album had been inspired by Dr. Murray Stein‘s book Map Of The Soul – Persona: Our Many Faces or Jung’s Map Of The Soul.

This Psychology Book Is The Inspiration Behind Map Of The Soul: Persona

Because of BTS’s influence, they’ve received a dedication in the book’s latest reissue. The dedication page reads, “To BTS,” followed by another dedication thanking them for “bringing Jungian psychology to a new generation.”

To top of off, BTS are also mentioned at the beginning of the book’s description on Amazon:

There is a lot of interest in today’s culture about the idea of Persona and the psychological mapping of one’s inner world. In fact, the interest is so strong that the superstar Korean Pop band, BTS, has taken Dr. Murray Stein’s concepts and woven them into the title and lyrics of their latest album, Map of the Soul: Persona.

It isn’t the first time BTS has based their album on a book, ergo Demian. It is, however, the first time they’ve received a dedication in one for the interest they’ve garnered for it.

Source: Amazon