This Psychology Book Is The Inspiration Behind Map Of The Soul: Persona

BTS has taken a book on psychology and turned it into a record-breaking album.

Map Of The Soul: Persona has just taken 1st place on the UK’s Official Album Chart Top 100. This, amongst other record-breaking achievements, has made the EP BTS’s most successful one yet.

ARMYs may be wondering what Map Of The Soul: Persona really means.

An article by BBC has explored the deeper meaning of Map Of The Soul–it’s a reference to a book by Dr. Murray Stein, titled “Jung’s Map Of The Soul”.

BTS has been making references to this book since last year. “Jung’s Map Of The Soul” was available for purchase on the Big Hit Shop late last year.

Additionally, BTS’s 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) VCR teased the concept of their latest album.

“Jung’s Map Of The Soul” is recognised as one of the best introductions to the concepts of analytical psychology, such as Jungian psychology.

Dr. Stein recognised themes from his book in BTS’s songs. In “Intro: Persona”, RM talks about how “praise for his on-stage persona” prevents him from “addressing his flaws” and “getting to know his true self”.

“Who am I?” Is the question I’ve had all my life / And I’ll probably never find the answer

— RM, “Intro: Persona”

The songs in Map Of The Soul: Persona revolve around the idea of exploring identity.

“Mikrokosmos” talks about deriving self-worth from within; while “Jamais Vu” looks at our tendency to repeat the same mistakes over and over again


The final track, “Dionysus”, is the last track of the EP, and it signifies the band “breaking out of persona traps”, and “reaching an awakening”.

BTS has a habit of releasing albums in trilogies, and according to Billboard columnist Jeff Benjamin, this could be the start of BTS’s exploration of Jungian psychology.

If ‘Persona’ was the first aspect of Jungian theory they explored, maybe we’ll get Map of the Soul: Shadow, which I’d expect would explore the darker sides of the BTS members’ psyches.

— Jeff Benjamin, Billboard

With the success of Map Of The Soul: Persona, we can’t wait to see what BTS has in store for us next.

Source: BBC


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