BTS’s Recent Hotel Room Live Proves All Of Them Are 100% Boyfriend Material

Pick one, if you can.

BTS shared another fun-filled, replay-worthy live broadcast featuring members Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, and V. It featured the members dressed in simple T-shirts, hanging out in their hotel room together. While it isn’t unusual for BTS to share such an inside look into their daily lives, this particular video is driving ARMYs mad over how “boyfriend-y” each of the members look in their casual lounge clothes.


Jungkook starts off the broadcast in his basic black shirt. He smiles brightly into the camera, convincing the fans that this is exactly what he would look like in a video call. Jungkook would be the sweet and considerate type – visible from his tendency to be a bit shy and inclusive. ARMYs are losing their minds over how completely pure and innocent he looks, twirling a piece of his hair in his fingers.


Then Jimin walks into the frame in his too-sexy-for-his-own-good white tee. Jimin’s stunning beauty fills up the camera quickly, as he gets closer to the lens. He leans on the table, slouching slightly and revealing his toned upper body. ARMYs can’t help but fall deeper in love with his mesmerizing eyes that glare with the most mysterious vibe. And that is more than enough to tag Jimin the sexy type.


Jin also drops by the room to say hi. As soon as he walks in, Jungkook starts cracking up – and ARMYs can relate! Jin checks in with the camera like a complete clown and quickly lightens up the air. The way Jin is dressed, in his light denim jacket, only adds to his cool-college-sunbae aura. ARMYs know that Jin would make the funniest boyfriend on the planet, with his worldwide handsomeness topped off with his undying wit and charm.


Last, but most definitely not least, V walks into the angle. He is dressed all black, in a sporty tee and shorts, giving off that super athletic and a gym-rat vibe. He casually chomps on a piece of candy and it’s the most adorable thing ARMYs have ever seen. Fans agree that V, with his complete carefreeness that is so endearing, would definitely make that silly, spontaneous, and chill AF boyfriend.


ARMYs feel blessed for this visual explosion of a broadcast. It is always a blast for the fans to see how different each member’s personality is and how it shows in the little things that they do. Nonetheless, ARMYs love each and every one of them and can’t wait to see more of these hilarious broadcasts!