BTS Reveal What Their Favorite Parts Of Their Own Bodies Are

During an interview, each BTS member chose their favourite feature.

During an interview with AccessBTS revealed which of their own physical features they love best, and some of the answers might surprise you!


J-Hope was the first to answer, in English. He named his eyes as his favourite body part.

“I love my eyes.”  — J-Hope


Aren’t they lovely?


RM‘s said that he loves his skin best.

We agree with the interviewer, Scott Evans; RM’s skin is amazingly clear and dewy!


In fact, RM’s skin is so lovely that Jimin couldn’t resist touching it!


Instead of picking one feature, Jin picked his entire face as his favourite feature.

“I love my face,” he said. Why are we not surprised?


The other members burst out laughing at Jin’s answer.

Mr. Worldwide Handsome has no shame!


has many (perfect) features to choose from, but he picked his freckles!

At first, RM thought V said that he loved his “thoughts”, but he actually meant “spots” or freckles.


Suga chose his fingers as his top feature, then wiggled them for the camera.

They’re perfect for playing piano and composing hit songs!


Jungkook said that he loves his (very strong) thighs.

What a coincidence! So do we!


“Thighs?” “Thighs.” “Thighs?”

Jungkook double-checked to make sure he got the English pronunciation just right. Could he be any cuter?


“Big, strong man!” Scott Evan replied, slapping his own thigh.

The members were amused!


Jimin seems to be taking after Jin these days. When his turn came around, Jimin said that he loves his…everything!

“I love my everything.” — Jimin


“Worldwide Funny Guy!” Jin quipped.

Will “Worldwide Funny Guy” be Chim Chim’s new nickname?


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