BTS Reveal Which Western Artists They Want To Have A Collaboration With

These are the artists BTS want to work with!

After a incredibly successful collaboration with Steve Aoki and Desiigner on “Mic Drop”, the world has been wondering what other artists the K-Pop megastars want to work with. BTS sat down with 98PXY after the 2018 Billboard Music Awards and opened up about who they want to work with in the future and revealed their current collaboration efforts.


When asked who they wanted to collab with, J-Hope was quick to respond with Pharrell Williams. RM also joined in and admitted that he too would like to do a collab with the Grammy Award winner.


Pharrell and BTS have already been introduced to each other. They met at the BBMAs and were caught posing for pictures. News also broke that Pharrell started following BTS’s Twitter account after the BBMAs. This sparked a lot of debate that a collaboration could be coming soon and it looks like BTS is up for a collab too!


After J-Hope and RM agreed that Pharrell would be a good partner, Jin chimed in that he hopes they can work with The Chainsmokers in the future.


Previously, The Chainsmokers’ Andrew Taggart teamed up with RM, Suga, and J-Hope on the song “Best Of Me” for the group’s Love Yourself: Her album. Since some of the members have already worked with Andrew, a collaboration with the rest of the group could be possible.


Then Jungkook expressed his desire to work with Charlie Puth and V expressed a desire to work with Childish Gambino.


BTS and Charlie Puth have a long history. Charlie has opening admitted to being an A.R.M.Y and has sent lots of love their way via Twitter. BTS has also sent out tweets to the singer and expressing their love for his music. Many fans from both sides have expressed their desire for them to collaborate.

Although BTS don’t have any history with Childish Gambino, a collab between the BTS and the chart-topping superstar would be epic.


After BTS talked about who they would like to work with, RM confirmed what fans have been hoping for. He admitted that a collaboration between Zedd and BTS is happening. While he wasn’t able to reveal very much about the collab, he was very sincere that the group is working with the talented artist!


Now A.R.M.Ys will just have to wait and see all of the talent that will come from these possible collaborations!

Source: 98pxy