BTS Revealed They Almost Disbanded At The Start Of 2018

“While talking with each other, we even thought about disbanding.”  – Jin

At 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong, BTS tearfully confessed that they nearly disbanded at the start of 2018, which would become their most successful year in their history (until 2019!).


On December 14, 2018, BTS took home multiple MAMA awards, including two of its prestigious Daesangs: “Album of the Year” and “Artist of the Year”. When BTS was announced the “Artist of the Year” winner, the members embraced…


…then made their way to the stage to the sound of “IDOL” and the audience’s deafening cheers.








…and Suga each gave emotional speeches expressing their gratitude for the award and the loved ones who helped them to achieve it.


Jin was the final member to speak, and his confession has both shaken and warmed fans’ hearts. During his speech, Jin revealed that at the beginning of 2018, BTS had considered disbanding because of the difficulties they were facing at the time.

We had a hard time mentally during the beginning of this year. While talking with each other, we even thought about disbanding.

— Jin


Despite these difficulties, the members decided to keep moving forward.

But we regather our hearts, and I’m glad that we were able to produce such a great result.

— Jin


Jin thanked his members for deciding to stay together and continue on their journey together.


He also thanked ARMY for their unfailing love and support.

I’m thankful towards my members who decided to continue… I want to thank my members who always love me and to say thank you to ARMY for always loving us. Thank you.

— Jin


Jin’s confession has led fans to wonder just how different 2018 would have been had BTS chosen to go through with their decision.


After all that BTS has achieved in 2018 and 2019, it’s impossible to imagine a world without them!


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