BTS Revealed The Member Who’s Most Likely To Get Married First

It may not happen any time soon, but they already know who’ll be tying the knot.

Between making music, traveling the world, and living their lives to the fullest, marriage may be the last thing on BTS‘s minds.

That didn’t stop them from picking the member who’s most likely to be the first among them to take that significant step, in the future of course.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight back in 2017, the interviewer asked the group, “Who is most likely to get married first?” As soon as RM translated the question, many of them were caught off guard.

With a smile, J-Hope shouted, “Married?” Jimin was just as surprised, his face changing from a soft smile to thoroughly confused as he turned around.

On the flipside, V didn’t need any time to think about it. He leaned in and answered, “Jungkook.” Since they needed everyone to answer, RM decided they would keep it simple. Rather than going to each member and having them choose someone, they decided to point at one on the count of three.

It turns out V had been right on the money. Pointing their fingers at the maknae, they all agreed he was the only choice for this question. In fact, Jungkook was the only member who had chosen someone else: Jin.

When Jungkook realized everyone had chosen him, he couldn’t believe it. He broke into a smile, laughing at the situation. He asked, “Why me?”

Even though the members didn’t have time to explain why they selected him, it could be because of his parents. Since they were married young, maybe Jungkook wants to follow in their footsteps. After all, he still has many years of youth ahead of him.

Picking the youngest definitely wouldn’t have been what many people were expecting. See them having fun choosing Jungkook here.