BTS Reveals What Their English Stage Names Would Be

Artists carefully choose their stage names based on a mixture of what most represents them and what most resonates with their fans, so here’s what they would choose for their English fans.

In an interview with Buzzfeed Celeb during their tour stop in Los Angeles, BTS was asked the question: “If you could rename yourselves with an English stage name, what would it be?” The boys answered the question one by one, causing uproarious laughter with each answer.

J-Hope went first and stated that he would want to be called “J-Dope” instead, and laughed at his own response.

Jin went after J-Hope and answered that he would like to be called “Genie” and began singing Girls’ Generation‘s song, “Genie”.

Suga mentioned that he would rename himself “Yeon Ki Kim”, which is his real name in Korean. He added that fans would scream out “Take care, Yeon Ki Min!” in the airport if he had changed his name.

In hopes of becoming cuter, Rap Monster stated that would want to be called “Monie”.

Jimin also gave an adorable answer and expressed that most English names were long, so he would be called “Christian Chim Chim”.

In response to the question, Jungkook said he would name himself “Justin Seagull” because he loves Justin Bieber, and the seagull is the official bird of Busan (the city where he is from).

mentioned that BTS‘s PD likes one-word names, so he would like to be called Jack. After he gave his answer, he impersonated the Titanic scene and expressively called out “Jack come back!”

To end the segment, Rap Monster jokingly apologized on behalf of BTS for their “embarrassing” answers.

Check out the full video of their interview: