BTS Reveals Their Most Challenging Choreography Of All Time

It’s tougher than “DNA”.

BTS has had nothing but challenging choreographies since their debut, but this one is so tough that the members weren’t sure if they could do it live.


BTS’s dances seem to get more complex and demanding with each new comeback. In 2014, BTS named “Danger” as their most challenging choreography to date.


In 2015, that changed to “Dope”…


…then to “Blood, Sweat & Tears”, in 2016…


…and “DNA” in 2017.


Now “IDOL” currently holds the number one spot for BTS’s toughest dance numbers.


In BTS’s behind the scenes video for “IDOL”,  Suga said that the choreography is definitely the hardest one yet.


It incorporates elements from traditional Korean dance…


…and requires enormous amounts of strength. In fact, the members were worried about how they would be able to perform it on stage, in front of a live audience.


Like Jin says, their dances just keep getting more intense with each new comeback!


The gravity-defying “IDOL” choreography includes leaps…


…high kicks, and plenty of jumping around. No wonder it’s so exhausting!


Even so, BTS doesn’t ever give up. They have worked tirelessly to nail “IDOL” to give their fans the best live shows possible.


Want to see more of “IDOL’s” behind the scenes? Check out the BANGTANTV clip here, with English subs.